Vayu Roller Bottle Set


  • Vayu Roller Bottle Set
  • Vayu Roller Bottle Set
  • Vayu Roller Bottle Set

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Udana Vayu is the “ascending wind” that brings prana from lower chakras to the higher chakras. This channel, located between heart and head, addreses communication and expression which are particularly affected by this vayu, as are the thyroid and parathyroid glands, which regulate metabolism.


Samana Vayu, related to the Fire element, is inward energy that makes one feel engaged, inspired, lit up, and competent. This blend contains oils that bring energy inward from your perimeter to your core to get you fired up.


Apana Vayu, which corresponds to Earth energy, is all about downward moving energy, feeling rooted and grounded. Apply this blend to pulse points and soles of feet when looking to settle your energy.


Vyana Vayu, nourishing and expansive, governs the movement of prana through the body. Vyana also dictates the flow of blood and nutrients through the circulatory system, the flow of chemical & electrical impulses through the nervous system, the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system, of muscles and joints, and even the flow of thoughts and emotions.

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