3 Essential Oil Combinations for A-types


  • 3 Essential Oil Combinations for A-types
  • 3 Essential Oil Combinations for A-types
  • 3 Essential Oil Combinations for A-types
  • 3 Essential Oil Combinations for A-types

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As featured on Wanderlust, this combination of essential oils is a necessary toolkit for artists, creatives and visionaries.

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3 Essential Oil Combinations for A-Types


Lemon – known as “The Oil of Focus”, lemon promotes discernment and foresight. It can restore mental energy, cognitive flexibility, and the drive to complete a project. 

*Rosemary – stimulates the mind and promotes alertness. Considered the “Oil of Knowledge”, Rosemary brings expansion to the mind, supporting individuals in receiving new information, and is known to enhance memory. 

Eucalyptus – stimulates the mind and promotes alertness, clarity, and perspective. 

* = exercise caution when using while pregnant.

This combination - 15ml Lemon, 15ml Rosemary, and 15ml Eucalyptus (with wholesale membership) - available for $73 plus tax/shipping.

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Bergamot: known as “the Oil of Self-Acceptance”, bergamot relieves feelings of despair, self-judgment, and low self-esteem, and can promote alertness and optimism.

Tangerine: known as “the Oil of Cheer and Creativity”, tangerine evokes qualities of joyfulness, is capable of lifting dark moods, and promoting a lightness of heart. These uplifting qualities of tangerine will assist with feeling overburdened by responsibilities.

Eucalyptus: promotes optimism and self-confidence.

This combination - 15ml Bergamot, 15ml Wild Orange, and 15ml Eucalyptus (with wholesale membership) - available for $91.50 plus tax/shipping.


Lavender: promotes emotional stability and renewal. 

Arborvitae: known as “The Oil of Divine Grace”, arborvitae invites an individual to sacrifice personal will and ambitions for fulfillment. The mind relaxes and the soul experiences harmony and peace.

Roman Chamomileknown for its anti-inflammatory properties, Roman Chamomile is calming and sedative. It is also thought of as a spiritual oil, assisting people to tap into and nurture their purpose.

This combination - 15ml Lavender, 15ml Arborvitae and 15ml Roman Chamomile (with wholesale membership) - available for $123 plus tax/shipping.

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