Festival Survival Kit


  • Festival Survival Kit
  • Festival Survival Kit

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Sold out for the season. Stay tuned for summer 2017's collection!


Whether you're hitting up an epic music festival, going camping, or braving summer travel this season, the Festival Survival Kit has you covered. Arm yourself with tools to kill bad vibes, keep bugs at bay, perk up and chill out, all while enhancing your body's ability to stay healthy and ready for the late night super-jam.

With two sprays, five samplers and more Essential Oil-based products to protect you (including toothpicks & toothpaste), the Festival Survival Kit is a great introduction to Essential Oils, giving you a broad spectrum of scents and applications to experiment with.


Shield Me SHIELD ME SPRAY (30 mL):

Our "Don't Leave Home Without It' go-to. Supports your body's natural immune response to germs and other icky invaders. Spray on hands, feet and any other non-human surfaces that you want to keep shielded. The anti-everything-evil properties of this powerhouse will keep you in top shape.

Aura Cull AURA CULL SPRAY (30 mL):

Surrounded by wookies, smokers, or general festy stank? The oracle has spoken: it's time to cull the bad vibes from your aura, dude. This custom blend of Rosemary, White Fir, Cardamom & Arborvitae revitalizes the energy around and within you, smells amazing on your yoga mat, and refreshes both your mindset as well as your dance moves. 

Root Down Thumb ROOT DOWN SAMPLER (2 mL):

Whether you're channeling The Beastie Boys or Jimmy Smith, getting - and keeping - your root down is a pre-requisite for any transcendental experience. Get that chi flowin' toward your roots with this grounding blend.  


Let's face it, that late night set did nothing to put spring in your step this morning. Use this essence to awaken your senses the natural way. A cup o' joe never hurts, but first enliven your brain and heart with this invigorating blend.


Do you really know what is IN those other bug sprays? Fight the flies and their friends using the inherent genius of plants, who have been evolving their own inner wisdom at keeping bugs away for just a wee bit longer than humans have. 

Shield Me SHIELD ME BEADLETS SAMPLER (20 beadlets):

The same magic that we have in our Shield Me Spray goes to work on your inner ecosystem with these beadlets. Pop one a day while under duress (i.e. any day you go through a TSA checkpoint, have your first drink before sunset, or sleep anywhere other than your own bed). Your immune system will say, "Namaste".


Whether you need a subtle cue for your over-stimulated brain that suggests, "Oh, I guess 3am is a sensible time to go to bed," or just something to begin your descent from Cloud 9, this Lavender-centric blend (sweetened with a touch of precious Hawaiian Sandalwood, amongst other magnificent mellow-ifiers) will help you release and relax.

Inhale | Exhale INHALE | EXHALE DROPS (2):

Your lungs, throat and voice take a beating when traveling, festivalling, and hollering for "One more song!" These convenient morsels of goodness deliver the best Essential Oils for your respiratory system. And plus, they're easy to gift your snuffly tent-mate or allergy-suffering wingman.


Maybe you're already turned on to these tiny slivers of Tea Tree (Melaleuca) magic, whose antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties help keep your post-food truck mouth clean and happy. Made with sustainably-harvested White Birch wood and housed in a 100% recycled plastic canister.


I know, you've gotten the 'Shield Me' magic in two other ways in this kit already. But who can resist another chance to get the super-powers of Clove, Cinnamon Bark and Wild Orange to work on your health while you brush-a-brush? Plus, these tiny, slim packages mean you can leave the big ol' tube at home.


Because no adventure is complete without a memoir, we've included our favorite Field Notes scribbler.  These 3.5" x 5.5" notebooks feature real cherry wood covers that bind 48 pages of graph paper for your setlists, phone numbers, and sacred geometry doodles that look remarkably less genius the next morning.

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