Shield Me Duo


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Shield Me ThumbnailWhen we say we "Don't Leave Home Without It", we mean we DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.  This duo is the best way to support your body's natural immune response to germs and other icky invaders.

Shield Me Spray (30 mL)

Put this in your bag and spray your hands with it every time you exit the subway, the workplace, or the diaper dungeon. Also effective to use on other non-human surfaces that you want to have evacuated by ick.

Shield Me Sampler Beadlets (20)

Like an amuse bouche, only one whose anti-everything-evil properties will give your immune system a leg up while it delights your mouth. Sampler contains 20 edible beadlets of this powerhouse immunity-enhancing blend.

Shield Me Sampler Essential Oil (2mL)

Sampler also available as Essential Oil blend that comes pre-diluted in the perfect amount of carrier oil, so you can dab the oil on your paws, pulse points, and bottoms of the feet for optimum uptake. 

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